Blue hat
Blue Hat

Colour: sky
Aim: this is the overview hat: summarize and give conclusions. He / she should not argue in favour of one of the alternatives.
Questions - none.
Some up the thoughts we have had.
Think about the next steps.

It should be used at the start of the meeting to define the meeting purpose. The leader should wear this hat. He / she has the power to tell when the hat should be changed. At the end the blue hat asks for the outcome. It could be in the form of a summary, conclusion, decision or solution. If a desirable outcome is not generated then the next steps should be summarised.
He / she has the power to break up arguments: the opposing views can be written down. A good way of treating opposing views is to assume that each side is correct under certain circumstances
The blue hat should keep giving overviews as the meeting continues. The blue hat could be one person (does not need to be the chair person) or the whole group.

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