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Characteristics of People

Memorise by looking at pictures
Have difficulty with verbal communication and remembering verbal instructions
Sit forwards in their chairs
Eyes move forward when talking
Are well organised
Not easily distracted by noise
Tend to be thin and wiry!
Take care of their appearance
Tend to move and talk more slowly and have lots of pauses
Have deeper voicesBreath from deep down in their chests
Respond to touch and physical rewards
Learn by doing
Will talk in terms of their feelings
Stand quite close to peopleAuditory
Eyes move from side to side
Talk loudly
Breath from the middle of their chests
Like music and phones
Are distracted by noise
Are able to repeat back to you easily
Respond to tone of voice
Like verbal feedback
Talk to themselves
Learn by listening
Remember things by using steps and sequences
Auditory Digital Mixture of the first three
Lots of talking goes on in their heads
Like to memorise steps and procedures
Like to rehearse things beforehand
Repeat back what you have said to check understanding

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