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We all have our preferred Representational System (RS). This is the way we represent information in our minds. By this I mean we can be Kinaesthetic (K), Auditory (A), Auditory Digital (Ad), or Visual (V). If we can find out the RS that people use then we can match it and build great rapport!Visual people tend to use phrases such as: make a scene, mental image, picture this, paint a picture of it, I am taking a dim view of that, you are a sight for sore eyes, that point of view is crazy, I will look at suit to see if I like it, that's crystal clear, show me, I am a bit foggy about this!

Kinaesthetic people use phrases such as: I am getting a grip of this, she is a pain in the neck, I am getting a grab on that, hold on, okay cards on the table, suffer, hard, solid. Auditory people use phrases such as: clear as a bell, listen to me boy while I am talking! that rings a bell with me, that resonates with me, I get the message loud and clear, there is a hidden message in there.Auditory Digital people use phrases such as: its logical to move on, what's the process that we will have to use? I experience that, the criteria are okay, I think that's good, I need to learn this.

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