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These are things that people who use NLP believe to be true:

People are not their behaviours
Someone can behave badly but that doesn't make them bad. NLP can change the behaviour.

You cannot not communicate
Even when you say nothing you are still communicating - non verbal signals.

Your mind and body make up the same system
The medical world in the thirties and forties thought the only way to treat illness was to look at the physical system. Research now shows that  our feelings can affect our stress and hence our bodies.

The meaning of your communication is the response you get
People will respond to what they think you mean. So we need to talk to people rather than at people. The talker is on the cause side.

Every behaviour has a positive intention
Every behaviour has a positive intention from the person concerned. It does not mean the behaviour is the best possible choice.

The map is not the territory
Words are only short hand for things that they describe.

Resistance in a client indicates a lack of rapport
i.e. what's stopping someone following your instructions? is it your poor communications?

Change Makes Change
Changing your own behaviour changes the behaviour of others around you. An experiment showed this: groups of three people were put in an empty room. No one spoke or moved or sent overt non verbal signals. The result was that the person with the strongest feelings at the time made the other people feel the same within 2 minutes.

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