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Your thoughts and emotions can create and cure diseases. A man visualized cleaning his liver once cell at a time with an imaginary toothbrush. He thought of each cell turning from black to pink. He did this for hours every day. After a few months he was cured.

The Placebo Effect
In order to evaluate the benefits of medicines, doctors give clinical trials to a sample of patients. They have found that a proportion of the sample reported benefits despite the fact that they were given no more than a "sugar pill" (they did not know this). This means that people, if they believe in something strongly enough can alter their physiology and cure or lessen the harmful effects of diseases.

It has been found that its not just the supposed power of the pill that can cause the placebo effect: if the patient really believes in the person giving them the pill (ie the doctor) then the placebo can "kick in."

Emile Coue
He noticed that by praising a medicine to a patient they got better as compared to those who he didn’t. He told patients to every day use the, "Coue," method i.e.  get them to repeat: “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better. Amazingly a lot of them did. This work has been continued by Patch Adams.

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