The Heros Journey

Almost every story contains a single common theme: a hero figure embarking on a journey of some kind. This can be seen in mythology, fairy tales, literature, films, and in the story of your own life. From the earliest of times, the people who lived the longest were those who knew where the dangerous animals lived. They also knew the advantage of strength in numbers: they formed tribes. Stories were told about the perils of the real world to the other tribe members. As a result we have used stories to convey information for thousands and thousands of years. Joseph Campbell, an American mythologist was born in New York in 1904 and initially had an interest in North American Indian culture. He then toured Europe and examined fables and stories that existed there. He discovered that stories from all over the world had the same structure (as you will see in the next few pages).  George Lucas (director, producer and screen writer) recognised this and applied this structure to the film, "Star Wars." Indeed many films are influenced by this. Your life uses this structure: our lives are a series of stories: our work story, our play story, our relationship story, our childhood story.

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