Ways of Stimulating Creativity

1. A really good question to ask: "what if?"

2. Do something in a different way: if you have a normal way of solving a problem, try and think of another solution to the problem.

The following exercises are good to do before the real task – they get the creative juices flowing!

3. Do a routine task in a different way e.g. if your are right handed, try and open a door with your left hand.

4. Take an everyday item and think of some alternative uses for it. This is like the old Channel Four programme "Who’s Line is it Anyway?" Use some old objects such as a ruler, mouse mat, coke can and CD rack. Concerning a product or idea that you already have, you could try and look at it in a different way and think of alternatives uses.

5. Set up a list of common words eg heavy, Write down the first opposite meaning of the word:
Heavy = light
Dull = sharp

Now come up with at least three more opposite words for the original word e.g.
Heavy = jovial, easy, insignificant
Dull = exciting, interesting, jolly

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