I have wanted to study this area for a long time. Research in recent times has accelerated due to advances in new technology e.g. PET scans and FRMI. Before these tools were available it was difficult to study the brain to any level. At this time, great use was made of autopsies. However this negated the use of longitudinal studies i.e. looking at the development of a cohort of brains over a substantial period of years. Now with these technological advances, neuroscience has burgeoned. A spin off from this is that we can now start to see how the brain learns. This has huge implications for students, teachers and humans alike! The brain really operates on two levels:

1. Deals with bodily functions such as heart rate, body temperature and breathing ie homeostatic activities 2. Has a cognitive role, here it deals with high order functions including information processing, decision making, reasoning, language and consciousness.

This unit shall exam the cognitive role of the brain.

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