Diet and the Brain

The brain accounts for 2% of the total weight of the human body but it uses up 20% of the energy that the body requires.
Research shows that by eating at the right time, the right foods that we can boost brain capacity. It indicates that missing out breakfast is detrimental to learning and cognition. An American study has shown that children who took breakfast regularly, improved their maths, reading and vocabulary and reduced lateness and absenteeism. Another American study showed that children who had a glucose drink breakfast performed poorly in relation to memory and attention. Those who had a cereal breakfast (complex carbohydrates) performed much better throughout the whole morning.
Research has also shown that 39 vital elements are produced by the body – you are literally a pharmacy! These have to be gleaned from dietary sources.
Omega 3 fatty acids found in products such as cod liver oil help the immune system and hormone balance. Much research has still to be done but it is evident that cod liver oil does help with reading, spelling and behaviour.
Research in UK prisons has shown that inmates who took relevant minerals, vitamins and fatty acids reduced their violent behaviour.

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