Brain Section
Brain Anatomy

The brain can be split in to two parts: left hemisphere and right hemisphere. The former controls the activities of the right hand side of the body and the latter the left hand side of the body. The two hemispheres are joined by a band called the corpus callosum.  Incidentally, the latest scientific research leads to the findings that the hemispheres do not work separately but rather they are highly integrated for all cognitive tasks. There is no scientific evidence to support the myth that very creative people use their right hemispheres more frequently. The same can be said for the left brain and logic and analysis and arithmetic and reading.

The cortex covers the brain and it has a rough surface in order to increase surface area. The bumps are called gyri and the fissures are called sulci. Lots of neurons are located here – especially those involved with high order functions.

Brain Lobes
We can divide the hemispheres in to smaller sections called lobes. Each lobe has a particular function. Click here to see the a functional picture of the brain.

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